Two Days in Kyoto

It’s hard to pick a favourite part of our two weeks in Japan, as our three destinations each had so much to offer, but our time in Kyoto will stay with me as the richest culturally, most aesthetically pleasing and most uniquely Japanese few days of our trip.

One Week in Vietnam

We only had a week to experience Vietnam and I can safely say it left me wanting to see more of this diverse, chaotic and welcoming country. Still, one week was all we had, so we planned an itinerary to include a mixture of culture, top tourist hits, and a touch of relaxation.

When did I become a Travel Failure?

I used to be a competent traveller. I would leave it as late as I could afford to to get to the airport; to swan in with my efficiently packed and weighed luggage (no embarrassing public re-packs here) and just the right amount of time to get a cup of tea and a gossip mag … More When did I become a Travel Failure?