When did I become a Travel Failure?

I used to be a competent traveller. I would leave it as late as I could afford to to get to the airport; to swan in with my efficiently packed and weighed luggage (no embarrassing public re-packs here) and just the right amount of time to get a cup of tea and a gossip mag before the gate was called. Sometimes- dare I say it- I would get a slight thrill from joining the Duty Free queue even as my flight was boarding: let them flock to the gate and wait- I’’ll take my time!

Not so these days. Nowadays I’m planning to get to the airport as early as I can get away with, Continue reading When did I become a Travel Failure?

The Language of Social Media


Below is an extract from an article I wrote 15 years ago for my school magazine, when my teenage generation was beginning to embrace the medium of text. Imagine a time when smartphones didn’t exist (you were lucky if you had the coveted Nokia with the interchangeable fascia) and Facebook was still a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. Continue reading The Language of Social Media

Scotland’s North Coast 500


The North Coast 500 was introduced in 2014 to invigorate the tourism industry in the furthest reaches of mainland Scotland. Billed as ‘Scotland’s Route 66’, the 500 mile circular road trip from Inverness promises the best of Scotland: dramatic scenery, heritage and plenty of opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

Day 1: Inverness to Dornoch (45miles)

We opted to head off from Inverness in an anticlockwise direction on our four-day trip, taking in first the relatively sheltered undulating land of the east coast before ramping it up to the single track roads and isolated villages of the north and breathtaking panoramas of the west.

Continue reading Scotland’s North Coast 500

Maldivian Memories

Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef, Maldives


We’d normally go skiing with a week’s holiday in February, but due to an alcohol-induced dancefloor-sustained lunging injury, that wasn’t going to be an option this year. With a month to go Darling Man declared himself capable of little more than lying around, so our dreams of snowy white pistes and mulled wine turned into visions of sandy white beaches and mojitos. Continue reading Maldivian Memories

My Wedding Directory

I’m not going to become a wedding bore, and this is definitely not a wedding blog- but I did get married recently and I really want to acknowledge the outstanding work by some fantastic teams. Our wedding was planned in 4 months, during much of which we were out of the country, so we really had to rely on people to come up with the goods! So if you are planning a wedding in South Derbyshire or East Staffordshire, I can highly recommend the following: Continue reading My Wedding Directory